Coins Credits Cheats Cheating Tom 2 iPhone

Cheating Tom 2 from Crazy Labs is a fun game where you will get a chance to take a role as either Tom or Tammy, the bad boy and bad girl of school in this game

cheating tom 2 a + walkthrough ios android

Your main objective here is simply to cheat off other students until you get an A+ on your test.
Every time, you have successfully had A+ mark, you will be granted with either coins and credits as your achievements

You will be able to get free coins or excuses at any point in this game.
To do this, you will merely go to the in app purchase store and watch an advertisement video for coins in exchange.

Every time, you watch a video, you will get a new one free excuse or 1000 free coins.
So, when you are about to run out it, just go there to fill up some coins.

When doing your actions here, always keep an eye on the pattern of the teacher’s gaze to predict where they will look next and when the next time is that they are going to look over.

Always watch the teacher to figure out the next time that they will look over.
Every teacher will have a different amount of time that they will go before scanning the room.
So, you must try to learn to recognize the faces of the teachers.

The rule is the same same thing for each student in the room.
You must also learn to recognize the students so that you can predict how long you can cheat off of them for and how fast the bar will fill up once you start cheating off of them.

At this point, you will also need to know how long you can cheat off of them before they get angry to know what you are doing.
Thus, just try to avoid making a student angry that will be the key to complete your whole goal smoothly.

Once completing some levels in this game, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to purchase upgrades to unlock your power power ups that will help you go further into the game.
Getting the upgrades for each power up will increase the duration in which that power up lasts for when you pick it up.

In this game, you will be served with 100 total levels that you must beat for credits and coins.
If you can conquer all 100 of these levels, you will be able to unlock prom night.


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