Coins Cheats Zeong War Android

Super X Games has launched Zeong War as a popular blood mobile game which introduces hundred kinds of models of Robot that you can play mainly on android devices

zeong war walkthrough ios android

Every robot in this game will come along with its own action, including the common shooting, special skill animation and the original dubbing of the pilot

Early on the game, you will have to get MSes where you have to develop 10 Exclusive MSes in the Armory for guaranteed 5-Slar
Later on, you can then use Fame to trade for MSes in the Arena.

In the Junkyard’s Alloy Shop, you can use Gundanium to exchange MS and MS Shards
For further, if you can clear Solomon stages you can get 5-Star MS Shards.
Also, clear normal Instances Io to raise main MS LV.

On the other side, you will have to get equipment where you will be able to draw rewards from a successful Plunder
Also, you can draw rewards from an Arena match to get a high equipment.

Meanwhile, normal instances will have a chance to drop equipment and equipment Shards
Also, elite instances will have a slightly high chance at dropping equipment and equipment Shards.

After going through some missions, you will be rewarded with a bunch of coins that you can use to enhance equipment and raise your robots LV and stats.
In accordance with this, equipment refine raises equipment stats and imbues them with new stats.

Besides, you will also have to get parts by plundering then to combine them into Pans.
You can also get parts materials in part instances events
Here, normal instances will have a chance to drop part and part Shards.


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