Coins Cheats to Unlock The Golden Piggy in Roll The Wall Engage iPhone

Roll the Wall: Engage from Tigrido seems to be the sequel to Don’t Stop the Creeps that you can plaay mainly on iOS and Android devices

roll the wall engage walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as a blocky little character inside the middle of a wall which is only half filled in.

Here, you will be tasked to survive for as long as you can by rotating the wall
If you can do so, you can block off all of the creeps before getting inside of the walls to beat the game.

Along the game, you will see creeps to come
Then, every time you block them with the wall, you will be rewarded with one coin apiece.
You will also see coins that come there and let them go inside of your wall, that will earn you five coins apiece.

Later on, you will be able to get some coins for free b watching the ads videos
Every time, you watch an advertisement video, you will be granted with 500 coins
When watching that videos, you must stay online
Thus, if you want to get some more coins, you can repeat that action

With all coins you have earned through the game, you can use them to unlock on a new character.
Then, you will have different look when playing this game to face that incoming creeps

On the other side, the appearance of the creeps will also change if you switch characters into new one
Those creeps will tend to be a miniature version of your character.

Sometimes, you will not be allowed to unlock all characters in this game
Especially for the Golden Piggy, you must get it through the in-app purchase store only.

Once getting it, you will skyrocket your coins 3 times faster.
As an illustration, one creep will be worth three coins, and one flying coin in each stage will be worth fifteen coins.
So, getting this character will speed up your coin earning along the game.

Furthermore, to beat that creeps, you will be able to use your power ups.
Using the wall power up will grant you a full wall for five creeps.
Meanwhile, using the bomb power up will destroy all creeps scattered on screen.
If you use the ice one power up, you will see that creep to move slowly to half speed for awhile

In addition, unlocking the Golden Piggy and using power ups will give you a chance of increasing your coins and completing each level with good score


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