Coins Cheats to Unlock New Characters in Avoid iPhone

In Avoid developed by Noodlecake, you will get to avoid all of the buzzsaws floating around the stage as long as possible for high score and coins
You can do this on ios and android devices

avoid noodlecake walkthrough ios android

In other words, the longer you can avoid them, the higher score and coins you will get
With these coins you have collected through each stage, you can use them to purchase new characters
Early on the game, you will start with silhouette character

When performing your action, you will see that saws move slowly that will be easy for you to memorize where they will go next

In the mean time, you can also pick up the hourglass whenever you see it
This hourglass cuts the speed of the saws in half for about ten to fifteen seconds, so it will give you a time to anticipate where they will go next
When doing so, your score will still increase at the same rate as normal

Every time, you can complete the stage, you will be rewarded with score and coins
In line with this, every coin will be based on how many points you have at the time.
So, the more pints you gain the more coins you get

In order to get some coins quickly, you can simply watch one of the advertisement video after completing a stage.

Every time, you see a film reel icon, just tap it to make an advertisement video pop up.
After watching one of the ads videos, you will get 50 coins
Later on,, every time, you need coins to get new characters, you can rely on watching as many of these videos as you can

In related to the new characters, the first one will start off fairly cheap, at 30 for the Lumberjack. And, the top one is the Politician, who looks like a caricature of Barack Obama that will require 1,000 coins to unlock

On the other side, always keep your eyes open on the opportunities to hide in the corner so that you can get a easy points from it

In the middle of the game, you may see all four buzzsaws to get stuck bouncing between the same two corners for awhile
When seeing this, you can hide in one of the empty corners for as long as you can
If you can do so well, you will be able to skyrocket your point score


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