Coins Cheats to Unlock New Characters in Amazing Stairs iPhone

App Cow has launched its fresh touch arcade game that is wrapped in Amazing Stairs
This game can be categorized into a new endless stairclimbing game mainly designed for ios devices

amazing stairs walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to climb stairs until you accidentally take the wrong step and fall right off.
In other words, playing this game will rely on your reflexes to the test as you try to climb up an endless sequence of stairs that will bring you to reach the top of the world

To play this game, just tap on the right button to go up straight, and tap on the left button to turn.
Later on, you must keep practicing to get used with the control options.
Once mastering it, you can start racking up high scores in the hundreds and even in the thousands as your achievements.

On the other side, you will see the bar at the top of the screen will run out slowly if you pause and stand there
And, you take a step again to refill a good amount.

In line with this, the bar will always drain at the same speed no matter how many points you have
For such reasons, just pause for similar amounts of time where you are on the staircase.

Along the game, you will be tasked to collect coins as you go
With enough coins you have collected through the game, you can use them to purchase new characters such as Penguin, Baller, Rapper, Robot, Zombie, Wizard, Vampire, Spaceman and Karateguy

Anyway, having new new characters will not perform any differently, but it will only change your performance when doing actions throughout the stages

For further, if you want to earn coins even faster, you can wait until the film sating coins button lights up
This coin button will sometimes pop up after every third round or so
In the mean time, once you see that button, just go to tap it to continue collecting your coins.
Also, you can get more coins as a bonus by watching advertisement videos in the middle of the game

Meanwhile, this game will often come up with ads while you are playing
In order to get rid of this ad, you can set your phone into airplane mode
But, you will not be able to get more coins from the videos if you do it this way.
Therefore, you can purchase ad removal from iap to get rid of the ad

Besides, by purchasing the ad removal, you show your appreciation of someone`s work, that means in this game is the developer

In addition, always remember to take a break for half an hour or so, after playing this game for a while
After resting for a while, your mind will be fresh so that you can reach a high score easily


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