Coins Cheats to Get Piggybank in Downhill Riders iPhone

Happymagenta has a fresh endless cart-racing game called Downhill Riders that you can play on the iOS and Android devices

downhill riders walkthrough ios android

Here, you will guide a racer trying to race as far down a hill with a full speed, while without hitting any obstacles along the track

In the mean time, you will also have to collect coins used to purchase other wheeled craft that will make this game more fun to play with

When going for the race, try to focus on the sides of the screen where the obstacles tend to appear on.
If you learn in each track, they tend to appear on left, right, left, right, so you will have to move over ahead of time to prepare for the next obstacle on both side.

If you see obstacle in front of you, make sure to jump soon
And, you can also switch sides while you are in mid-air
Therefore, if you screw up and hit the wrong button, you can quickly correct the problem that you can do by tapping the right button.

On the other side, coins is the currency of this game that you ca get for free
In line with this, you can also set a timer that will make you come back to the game where a free gift appears there
Anyway, these free gifts will be handy to get some coins for free.

Later on, you must collect coins within the game and every 1,000 coins that you have got will give you enough money to get another vehicle from the store.

With new vehicle you have got from the store, it will give a different appearance, especially for the piggy bank.
This vehicle, the piggy bank will make you speed up the collection of coins
It is caused by, when purchasing it, you will get all of your future coins doubled in later races.

For such reasons, getting the piggy bank vehicle will be a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing other vehicles as this special vehicle will help you get coins faster in this game.

Furthermore, riding with the piggybank will make you rich of coins collections that you can use to purchase another vehicles that will make your ride in different look


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