Coins Cheats to Get New Rare Cards in Million Arthur iPhone

Again, a card game has come to the apple store that is called as Million Arthur which is developed by Gamevil in which this game seems to be a new card-based RPG that you can play on both ios and android devices

million arthur walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will control an Arthur, who is a special hero chosen by the legendary sword Excalibur.

An your main objective here is to build your deck full of powerful allies and try to be the true king in this game

In the beginning of the game, you will be served with the story segments tutorial
Here, you will follow the main story-line and watch the story segments.
Doing this will earn you some rewards at the end of each segment.

In the mean time, you can also set the scenes to auto-skip if you swipe left.
Every story segment will have a required level, that you will follow to reveal the next story

As said earlier, you must build your cards deck consisting of the best ones
In order to get new cards, you can get them randomly that you can do by exploring the single player areas.

During in the exploration regions, you will come across other players where you will get some friend points as well
Then, once you have collected 200 friend points you will get a chance to draw a random one to four star card for your collection.

In the mean time, every time you go exploring every area, you will be given with coins that you can use to unlock new cards to be your team
Thus, the more you explore new area, the more coins you get for having new rare cards to build up the ultimate card deck in this game

Once getting some new cards, you will have to combine them to make them grow stronger
When doing so, you simply select a base card to power up, then sacrifice some unwanted cards to complete the process.

At this point, as you explore, you will receive duplicates of cards that you already own, then they will automatically level up.
So, always consider when deciding what cards to sacrifice for the process.

Except collecting new cards, you will have to learn battle points or action points
Action points will be useful for the single player exploration mode as every time you explore each area, you will need an action point.

Meanwhile, battle points will be deducted when you challenge another player to go for a duel in this game.
Later on, every time you level up, you will have to decide which points you increase.
In line with this, you can pour all of your points into one type

On the other side, you have to also learn your cards’ skills as every card will come along with unique skill that you can activate when battling with the other opponents cards.
Also, you can go over your favorite cards skills then try to build around them to increase their skills.

In addition, you can also get combo cards that you can do by combining several cards in the same attack row.
At this point, combos are passive stat that will boost to all your cards such as higher attack and higher HP.
Thus, just try to make an experiment and learn what the best combos fit to your cards in that it will lead you to get every victory in this game


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