Coins Cheats to Get More Revives Cliffy Jump Android

WeGo Interactive has a great concept of making a new game wrapped in Cliffy Jump that you can play mainly on android and it may go to ios version int the next updates

cliffy jump walkthrough ios android

To play this game is simple as you will tap to jump over the pits and spikes to reach 100% of each round
This game will also come along with a bunch of levels that will keep you going while selecting playable characters which can be earned through the collection of coins or purchased for real money.

Later on, you will be tasked to make a progress through each course, in that you will go through 10 zones to each world in which there are 13 worlds along with 130 levels of taptastic fun which will get more and more difficult to conquer

Here, you will also be granted with coins in that you will get 150 coins every six hours
With these coins, you can get more revives
And, you can also use your coins on a new character that will make different look while you are playing

Once getting revives, you must use each revive wisely
You can get the revives by either watching an ad videos or purchasing them with coins.

Anyway, reviving through watching an ad will be not available for your next revives until you restart a level.

In line with this, you can revive multiple times by paying it with coins
And, if you want to revive again through paying coins, the coin cost will be doubled.

On the other side, you will also be able to earn free coins by watching an ads and get them with treasure coins.

After getting the free coins, you cannot get the treasure coins again until the timer will expire.
To solve this, you can do the time lapse trick to eliminate the timer by adjusting the time on your device

Just go to time and date setting on your phone, then set the time to how much expire time that you will be waiting for
Once the expiration period has solved, you can get the treasure coins again that will make you get some coins for free in this game


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