Coins Cheats in Wild Wild West iPhone

Pine Entertainment has given you an arcady fun in their shooting game, Wild Wild West
Along the game, you will shoot your way through a bunch of foes form one town to another

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Because of shooting the, your enemies will get overwhelmed or blown up, then you can use the coins you that have earned to upgrade your cowboy.

You will go through some levels that will get you to mix things up by including elements like trains that you will need to protect from looters.
After gathering some coins from round to round, you will never really feel like much of a grind even when things start to get rather expensive.

In order to increase your speed shooting, you can use gun master that will increase your DPS or Damage Per Second.
Using this is the same as Deadly Aim, that increases your damage output.

Moreover, if you want to increase your damage, you can try to upgrade both Gun Master and Deadly Aim.
At this point, you must also keep more coins compared to over upgrading your Deadly Aim.

On the other side, to speed up your movement, you can try using Power Boots
After using that boots for a while, you must upgrade it only unless if you are having difficulty in evading bullets or enemies.
Always stay alert of upgrading this as when over upgrading your Power Boots, your walk will be more faster that before and it is more difficult to control.

This game will feature coins as the tools to upgrade your cowboy`s need
For such reasons, you can try using Coin Magnet

Also, when using Machete power up, you have to increase duration of this power up
But, all duration upgrades are optional to follow up

When being with 4 Legs Master power up, you must also increase duration of this power up
Anyways, all duration upgrades here are also optional to do

Plus, make sure to increase duration of Team Up power up in which all duration upgrades are optional
In addition, make sure to increase your Health then always upgrade this if the cost of Gun Master or Deadly Aim is equivalent or more than the cost of Health Upgrade.


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