Coins Cheats in Wedding Escape Android

Firebird Games has three matching puzzle game that is wrapped in Wedding Escape, where all you will do is to match as many coins and gems as possible to go to the next level and unlock power-ups that will help you complete each stage.

wedding escape wallkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to gather up to 60 characters, in that you will then go to a grid that is filled with coin and diamond tiles which are only two colors of both diamonds and coins.

To match them, you will simply flip pieces to change their color, in that you can do this by tapping on a single piece
Alternatively, you can drag your finger around to adjacent pieces to swap colors of up to five tiles at a time.

Once making some progresses through the game, you can unlock power-ups that you can use on special pieces, which are made by matches of five or more.

The bomb power-ups can blow up adjacent tiles
And, mine power up can clear out pieces in a cross format
Magnet power up will clear all pieces of one color and flip all.

Anyway, matching with a special tile indicated by glows or a number attached will give you bonus tiles to go along with it, as those pieces are like stacks of tiles.

Be sure to check your move limit whereby if it comes to zero, your chance at freedom will be unavailable
Try to select multiple adjacent tiles at once.
Drag across to flip multiple tiles at once then match 4 or more tiles to make Special Tile

When triggering Special Coins or Gems, they are needed to activate your 4 skills.
You can do this by applying these moves
Try to match 4 or more Horizontal or Vertical matches
Letter L matches
Letter T matches
Letter L with additional 1 or more tile matches
Letter T matches with additional 1 or more tile matches
Perfect Cross matches

This game will come along with the ads that will come with the “earn” button
This button will prompt once every 3 times you finish a game.

On the other side, you can watch the optional ads that will grant you 45 coins.
And, if you can get the double coins boost it will get you to receive 90 instead.


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