Coins Cheats in The Quest Keeper iPhone

The Quest Keeper can be categorized into a simple one-touch platforming game where you will simply lead your lowly peasant through a dangerous dungeon while having to avoid traps and creepy crawlies all over the place as well as gathering gold and valuable artifacts there

the quest keeper walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will only have access to the default endless quest, Eternal Quest of the Dark Order, that will give you treasure chests littered about the path.
And, these chests contain coins inside them, and you will also find dimmed purple panels all over the place.
You can also have revive points that you can activate it by stepping on it

With all coins you have, you can use them to purchase the additional quests
Once getting this quest, you must manage to reach the end of one to get an artifact that will grant half of a heart
In line with this, if you can manage to beat two quests, you will get another heart
Anyway, one heart can take one trap for you, that will give you a second chance.

In order to play this game comfortably, you can try to set Swipe Sensitivity and Continuous Drag.
Just set sensitivity to low and enable continuous drag as the lower the sensitivity, the longer your swipes have to be for the game to register it as a move.
On the other side, Continuous drag will let you keep your finger pressed to allow for multiple moves.

Once making some progresses through the game, be sure to purchase some equipment
You will find three chests in the wizards domain containing shoes, shirts, and items.

Shoes will protect you from certain floor elements, and let you walk over some elements.
Shirts can protect you from various traps and enemies scattered along the path.
Held items will give you various nearby effects, such as opening nearby chests or slowing down certain traps in each stage.

Sometimes, you can try to find a random piece of equipment in the milestone chests.
At this point, you can try to experiment to see which items are your favorite
You can try using the Nimble Boots of the Oracle’s Servant shoes and these boots will allow you to jump over small holes.
You can rely on these boots as this can sometimes save your life if you trip over a tiny hole

Always plan your next moves and try not to go too hurry to step on
In this game, you have no time limit of any sort, so just try to be patient and take your time.
In the mean time, you must also learn traps and enemies before moving in, then prepare the next move at the right time while collecting a bunch of coins along the game.


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