Coins Cheats in Stickman Revenge Android

JuGame Studio has come to android with their newest game named Stickman Revenge
In this game, you will merely guide a black silhouette to strike and slash the enemies in form of black silhouette as well

stickman revenge walkthrough ios android

As usual, this game will feature the premium currency in form of coins
Generally, you can earn coins by killing enemies and destroying trash cans
Every time, you beat enemies, they will give you 2 coins and trash cans worth 1 coin.
Anyway, all of your coins gathered in a single run will be multiplied by 2 at the end of your run.

In the way of getting more coins in this game, all you will do is simply to download apps given by the developer
At this point, just go to shop that can be accessed only when you finish a single run game.
Then, tap “MORE” tab and select any downloadable apps to get 200 coins for free.
Later on, if you really need coins for the long run, just keep doing that method

During on your run, you will have to fight against enemies equipped with various weapons
When you fight enemy with a shuriken, you have to dodge it by jumping quickly.
Doing this will be more easier rather than checking the enemy first if it is throwing a shuriken.

On the other side, yuo will also be equipped with the Best Skill
In line with this, Whirlwind is the best skill as it has the longest timed skill.
If you have used all skills toward standing enemies, they will trigger its cooldown even if the skills are still in effect.

Besides skills, you will have to do some upgrades toward your character
At this point, be sure to avoid upgrading attack speed except if all skills are upgraded.
It is caused by, the default attack speed is already enough.

Then, you can try to get the whirlwind first at level 1 then proceed to get those remaining skills at level 1 only.
For further, continue to upgrade your whirlwind at maximum upgrade.
When you have a max whirlwind with two skills at level 1 you will be untouchable as your whirlwind will always be ready after using the other two skills.

In addition, using all skills will make you untouchable but they will also have coll down time in which you have to use them when going for tough enemies in this game.


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