Coins Cheats in Splish Splash Pong iPhone

Happymagenta has a new endless one-person pong type of game wrapped in Splish Splash Pong that you can play on both the iOS and Android devices.

splish splash pong walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will control a duck swimming between two barriers, trying to dodge the enemies by bouncing back and forth, while collecting coins and avoiding fish and whales along the game.
You can tap on the screen to switch directions, in order to stay alive and keep racking up points.
And, you will also have to get the highest score that you can, while saving up coins to be used to get new rubber characters.

To get more coins, you will get them each time you get one point, and vice versa.
But, you can get a bunch of them for free by watching an advertisement video popping up when you die in each stage.
Every time, you watch it, you will be granted with 100 coins.

In order to get new animal without coins, you can get a free penguin for liking the game on Facebook.
Perhaps, when the developer puts out a new update, you may get more chances to get a free animal, or at least a cheaper one.

To play this game, just tap the screen as little as possible
In line with this, judging the speed of each fish and whale correctly will often make close passes, score quickly
So, try to tap as little as possible to still manage to avoid the animals.
Each time that you bounce, you will get no coin, no points are counted.

Sometimes, you will often see the advertisements to come up on your phone
To get rid of this, you can merely set your phone into Airplane Mode to get the ads quit appeared on the screen.
But, if you do this, you cannot also watch the ad videos that give you the free coins.
So think about what the best to play this game based on your own style.


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