Coins Cheats in Schools of Magic iPhone

Playing Schools of Magic can be said as the combination of half role-playing game and half city-building that is specifically made for iOS and Android devices.

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In this game, you are assigned to build your very own school of magic, then use it to upgrade and educate your wizard
Later on, you can then go for quests across the world and mixes it up with a number of magical foes.

When battling with villains, strategy and speed will be important.
The attacks here will occur in real time, so you must attack and defend quickly or you will get overrun.
You can also use spells and physical attacks to attack enemies at maximum speed.
In the mean time, be sure to stop the attack bar in the optimal range for maximum damage.

Also, you can speed up your attacking by tapping the bar right when it pops up, rather than waiting for it to get to the optimal point
At this point, the attack will do less damage but it will happen far more quickly, and it can begin recharging quicker.
Anyway, doing faster attacks will often make up for the lower damage from these attacks.

For further, when your enemies commit to attack, be sure to tap your character and pick the defense you want to use.
Always remember to use your defense in order not to take far more damage from enemies attack, then fight back with your skills when you have a chance that will lead you to get a victory.

On the other side, this game will offer you a bunch of rewards that you can do in the quests
These rewards will sometimes be in form of orbes which are the main items in this game

In the way of collecting more rewards, you can go to one of the areas that you have beaten before and battle again for more rewards, more equipment and more experience points.
After getting sufficient power, the difficulty level indicated on the tough level switches from red or yellow to green or blue, try it again.

Besides, to make your own schools, you will need to get more rooms to build stuff in your school
In line with this, you can start moving buildings around and placing them as close together as possible.
Also, you will really need to start clearing trees out, since clearing trees will provide you no benefits other than extra room in your school and costs coins to do.

In addition, every time your heroes level increases, you can unlock new buildings in the store.
Also, you will be tasked to complete some quest in order to earn some coins for free
To get more coins, you have to beat all enemies in each mission
Once beating all of them, you will be rewarded with coins loots that you can use to purchase valuable items in the store


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