Coins Cheats in Retry iPhone

Rovio has come to ios with the impossible game named Retry
This game will allow you to control an airplane which is not the safest and the most secure one.

retry strategy guides ios android

In this game, you will be as a pilot and are in the cockpit of a smoking, loop-the-looping, out of control, with 8-bit jalopy of an airplane.
The, you will start your own journey to fly through treacherous obstacles, and earn stars to unlock new worlds.

Throughout the game, you will be able to retry each level with a ton of times and you can reduce that number to the minimum and win all stages with three star ratings.

In order to control the airplane, it is extremely easy.
Here, you need rhythmic taps that will keep your plane going in an almost straight line
If you hold your finger on the display, it will help it gain height.

Anyway, it is the holding mechanic that you have to master, because if you hold the finger for too long on the display, your plane will go into a loop and it will come to game over.
So make sure to keep your plane at a safe angle by tapping in a rhythm you find suitable for every stage.

Later on, you can replay each stage over and over again until you know exactly what obstacles are in front of you.
Here, you should complete each level without unlocking any checkpoints, but that requires a ton of skill

In the mean time, you will be assigned to collect all coins in each level as well as unlocking a checkpoint with one coin.
Here, it will be a good idea to collect all coins in each stage and use as few as possible on the said checkpoints.

On the other side, if you collect a coin and you crash, the coin is removed then.
So make sure to collect all the coins and complete the level or land on a checkpoint for the coin to be saved in your inventory

In the way of going for checkpoint saves, all you will have to do is to watch ads
According to this, you will be opted to watch an ad and unlock a checkpoint.
However, the number of ads that you can watch is not unlimited and it is the best to save them for the really difficult stages.
Make sure to never unlock a checkpoint until you have played the same stage at least 3-4 times.

Throughout the game, there are few areas in the game where you can land safely
For such reasons, water is one of your best friends, so whenever you see that, you can guide your plane to fall face-first into the water.
Then you will be allowed to continue your run without restarting though.
Here, it will be pretty useful to know and use in the stages where you have water along the game.


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