Coins Cheats in PopStar Ice Android

BitMango has delivered a simple hyper-addictive game named as Popstar Ice, where you will simply select and clear connected Blocks to gain score as high as possible.

popstar ice free gold walkthrough iphone android

Playing this game is like playing matching three game, where you will thrill to Popstar Ice when keeping on popping the ice stars to go to the next stage
In each stage, if you can make a combo chain, you will get bonus when less than 10 remained.

Every time, you have reached high score in this game, you will have a chance of earning tons of coins so that you can win more items.
With these items, you can use them to help you master this seemingly simple game at a certain point.

To make more coins in this game, you can make bomb off in that it means you have to make 3×3 blocks that will earn you 20 coins.

On the other side, by changing the color of a block, you will be rewarded with 50 coins.
Moreover, if you can recolor all blocks in each stage, you will be able to gather up 30 coins.
So, in order to get a bunch of gold coins, you must accomplish block target given in each stage


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