Coins Cheats in My Little Fish My Underwater Friend iPhone

TabTale has presented My Little Fish My Underwater Friend that is like a cute little tamogatchi game
In this game, you will have to raise a little fish friend by playing some fun minigames, cooking up some delicious sandwiches for her to eat, and bathe her to keep her squeaky clean all the time

my little fish my underwater friend walkthrough ios android

So, the main point is to show your Little Fish lots of love and play tons of exciting and fun-filled mini games

Here, coin is like the premium currency that you can get by playing mini game
To play mini game, you can play it in the bottom room of your fish’s house that is in the playroom.
There, you can play two minigames such as a Fruit Ninja clone, or a lily pad hopping game.

If you can play both games well, you will be granted with a bunch of coins to get.
You can also double coins that you can do by watching short advertisement videos.

Always look at the overall status of your fish.
Each meter of the rooms indicates your little fish’s hunger, boredom, etc.
Your job here is to keep all of the meters full.

Anyway, if you find a meter to get completely empty, you can try to make your fish happy and earn a lot of experience and coins.

Once getting enough coins, you can spend them on the gifts from the gift shop.
Just tap on the star fish button at the top right to open up the gift shop.
Once getting those gifts, you can have a little fun and play around with them

On the other side, you can try to ignore the bedroom and doctor rooms which are sometimes locked and unfortunately cannot be unlocked with coins.
However, you can access them by purchasing the full game in order to use these rooms

In addition, when getting into certain rooms, you will have certain features with a video clip icon next to them.
To use the said feature, you should watch a short advertisement.
After the advertisement is over, you can use that feature freely until you leave the room.
Once leaving it, the feature will relock and you will get a chance to watch another advertisement.


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