Coins Cheats in My Emma :) iPhone

My Emma is developed by crazy labs in which this game is a really cute baby simulation game
Throughout the game, you will be assigned to collect coins for purchasing new suit for emma

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On the other words, in this game, you will need a lot of coins to keep your baby happy.
And make sure all activities that you can do will reward you with some coins.
Also make that your main activity for raising money purposes.

In the way of making money, you will have to complete a game
Here, you can watch an ad to get a double coins that you have earned while playing.
Be sure you only do so when you have a huge amount of coins won, as you will not be able to double all your earnings daily and the ads will run out.
So get them count and boost your biggest earnings into double.

Furthermore, you can go on a minigame marathon
In line with this, you will have more or less games unlocked and after playing all of them for a few times based on your level
At this point, you should know which one is the easiest to play and which one can give you most coin rewards as bonus.
Usually, you can play the Bullseye game that gives you most coins for the time invested
And, the Cupcake maker will also be pretty simple and rewarding.

During the game play, make sure you play it 10 or 15 times in a row to get a nice batch of coins to start up.
Moreover, playing one game 10 times will give you a minimum of 1,000 coins but you will be able to play a lot more if you need more.
So make sure that you have a ton of money before trying anything else as it is all really expensive when it comes to raising a baby

Furthermore, the baby comes to a few basic needs then it is the time to get all the needs met.
Just tap the house icon to see the baby’s needs and check out the room in which each room has a meter beneath it
And if you see it getting filled in green, it will be better for you.
If it is empty, those needs are not at all met.
Therefore, yo have to try to keep a balance and get them all as close to the right margin as possible so that you can have a happy, healthy baby.

If you want to have some rewards, you can do more actions in the same room in a row so that you will feel the needs meter of your baby.
When taking a bath, you can start with the soap, then go to the toothbrush, shampoo afterwards use the shower and towel.
You can go the same for all the other actions.

On the other side, when feeding your baby, make sure to purchase expensive item.
It does not matter what you feed your baby here, so just get a lot of the most expensive things and keep feeding them for a perfectly healthy baby.

In addition, if the baby want to wear new clothes, you can switch her clothes between them in which she will still be happy to wear it.



  1. game ini sangat menyeronokkan . banyak benda yang telah sayamain daripada game ini

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