Coins Cheats in Must Deliver iPhone

Cherrypick Games has an 8-bit-esque endless runner game, Must Deliver that you can play on the iOS and Android platforms

must delliver walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to make as many deliveries as possible while avoiding zombies, collecting coins, and unlocking new secret characters such as bush man, hunter, the ranger, parasite, space dweller, etc.

Here, the distance is measured in the amount of deliveries that you are making.
Every delivery here will get a little bit more hard to accomplish than the last one you have completed
When being in your duty, you will meet more zombies, and you will get less power ups for your super move appeared in that stage
At this point, you must focus on those power ups in order to make those tough later deliveries and more distances.

Throughout the game, coin is the main point that you should collect
After you lose at a round, you will be served with an advertisement video to watch
Watching those promotional videos will give you free coins.
Every time, you finish the video, you will be rewarded with 100 coins for free.
When doing so, you will also be able to get more coins each time that you successfully complete one delivery
Thus, if you can make more deliveries, you will get more coins.

Then, every time, you earn 500 coins, you can spend them to unlock a new character from the Gacha machine.
At that stage, the main difference between characters is based on what their super move is.
Every character’s super move will have slightly different attributes
Generally, they will do pretty much the same thing, where they will allow you to run down all of the zombies in your path for a few seconds.

Later on, it will be better to upgrade each character’s super move that costs you 4,000 coins apiece for the upgrades
Next, once doing the upgrade, you will get the super move a little bit longer.
In the mean time, just save the super move for when you are so swamped though
But, do not let yourself get sucked too far in before thinking to pull off the super move.

When doing a delivery, be sure to stay alert of the field at a time as you possibly can
In line with this, you can know where the zombies are at all times.
Also, you can try to swipe from side to side even when you are not actively trying to avoid zombies so that you will always see where they are
Once seeing their position, you can take an action to avoid them and make a successful delivery.


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