Coins Cheats in Mountain Goat Mountain iPhone

Recently, Zynga is on the move to make its newest game, Mountain Goat Mountain to be popular on the iOS and Android platforms

mountain goat mountain walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to control a goat ascending a mountain and to go as far as you can while avoiding one of the many obstacles, such as loose ground and falling boulders.

You will get your goat along with special ability as the goat can eat grass, hop on springs, and move in 4 diagonal directions to dodge hazards.

In the mean time, you will also be tasked to collect coins, that you can use on treasure chests to unlock new goats, such as VR Goat.

When doing your mission, you can use backtrack if you find yourself stuck between a rock and water, loose ground, a pit, etc
At the same time, you can find a place to eat enough grass as your energy to move later

Once getting your energy full, you can go back to gather up the free prize packages that will give you full of coins.

With all coins you have got from your mission, you can trade them for a prize which will be another mountain goat.

These other mountain goats will change the game graphics and the boulders.
Besides, you will also see the unicorn to turn boulders into pink gemstones
And, you will see that a rainbow will fallow it around.

To make all those thins happen, you mus try collecting as many coins as you can on the stages
In order to get more of them, you can watch the promotional videos in the game
After watching those ad videos, you will be granted with some free coins.

Just keep doing this, as they will add up over time, so that you can unlock all of the goats with all coins you have collected from that activity.

As being a hopper game, you should hop fast but not too fast
Always, stay alert of your moves and plan what you are jumping into next.
Try to avoid jumping into a pit or some water, or into the path of a boulder.
Go quickly enough when going to jump on such kind of tracks
In the mean time, go slowly enough while seeing exactly what is going on in front of you.

Sometimes, you may get too frustrated after playing this game for few minutes
For such reasons, just leave the game for a while then come back with fresh mind and adrenaline in which you will easily go for your experience and get a high score in this game.


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