Coins Cheats in Galactic Nemesis iPhone

CS54 Inc had launched Galactic Nemesis on the apple store few days ago
In this game, you will shoos waves of alien races and try to beat mega bosses with your powerful galactic ship.

galactic nemesis walkthrough ios android

Later on, you are also tasked to upgrade your ship to help your conquer the challenges.
Also, you can compete in over 36 stages, then attempt each world’s endurance mode to see if you have what it takes to rescue every galaxy.

Here, coin is the premium currency that you will need to get an advanced ship
You will get these coins, be sure to use them to purchase new ships.

Anyway, just try to avoid upgrading your ship, just save them to be able to get the currently unlocked most expensive ship.
Just skip upgrading special and use your coins you have earned for the next powerful ships available in the next chapter.

In line with this, you will get an advantage to purchase the most expensive ship at your latest chapter.
You will be able to use your ship for the next chapter
Your ship will come along with the most powerful bullet currently at your latest chapter.
Your ships will have the highest defense compared to the other ships if you upgrade your Fire Rate and Defense.

When going to upgrade your ship, always remember not to upgrade your ship if it is not the best unlocked ship available.

At this point, if you already beat the chapter without max upgrade, you will not need to upgrade your current ship, in that you just save your coins for the next powerful ship available.

Be sure to upgrade your Fire Rate first for your offense and it only needs three upgrades.
Moreover, upgrading some of your defense will increase durability and improve your survivability in-game.

Note that every time you do an upgrade, it will need some coins
And, these coins will necessarily be needed to purchase or upgrade new ships.
Just avoid upgrading specials as Max Fire rate and Shield are enough already to beat any chapter.

In order to get some coins fast, just play at the first chapter 1-4 with TX3 ship Max Fire Rate Upgrade.
It is caused by it is easy to finish the stage compared to other difficult stages.

At these chapters, you will be able to get around 500 coins for every 1-4 stages.
So, if you want to rack up your coins, just replay the 1-4 stages

Sometimes, when playing in that stage, you will get Shield and other power-ups that will help you in completing the other difficult stages.

In addition, these shields will be handy if you want to beat any next stages
Thus, just play chapter 1-4 stage in order to get shield and power ups as much as you can for later stages.


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