Coins Cheats in Dragon Hills iPhone

When playing in Dragon Hills from Rebel Twins, you will be brought to play as Princess Mia who escapes from the fairy tale tower and she will dive down just far enough with her dragon while collecting coins along the way.

dragon hills walkthrough apple watches

You will go to an adventure with your dragon where the dragon will slide along the snowy hills

To control the dragon, you can long-press on the screen to have that creature burrow under the snow.
Release your finger from the screen to make the dragon move upwards
And, the more you burrowed, the more momentum you will get for a leap out of the ground.

On the other side, your dragon can also smash through houses and small knights
Sometimes, you will get combos by causing chain reactions or debris rolls and smashes things along the way.

When performing your action, always remember to stay alert of spears and deflecting shields on the ground as these things will harm your dragon
Along with the dragon, it only has a few hearts with more as you upgrade, so always stay alert of waht you will do next.

Every time you do some challenging stunts, you will be granted with score that you can share with the others.

All coins you have collected along the game will be useful to get some upgrades, such as armor, power-ups, and other dragons with special abilities.

And, every time you make a little more progress, there are new landscapes, buildings, enemies, and even weather conditions to discover.

In line with this, the game will be split up into levels that you must reach by getting to a certain point then defeating the boss battle.
Once reaching a level, each new game you play will start at that point until you manage to clear it.

There are gold coins to collect along the way, which you can use to upgrade your dragon’s armor, the princess’s sword, and get power-up items like freeze rays, comet showers, better dragons, and more once you unlock them by reaching certain ranks.

Armor can upgrade your dragon to get an extra life.
Sword can upgrade your sword to hit stronger.
Freeze Blast can increase the frequency of getting freeze blast along the game.
Comet Shower can be used to get several enemies beaten efficiently and quickly.
Giant Black Dragon can morph yourself into a mighty and immortal giant.
Lord of the Skies, a wild dragon can fly across the sky much longer.
Revive will provide you another chance to win.
Money Magnet, a handy gadget that can attract all coins nearby easily and effortlessly.
Extra Life appears in the game in different places.
Coin Bomb can turn all obstacles nearby into coins that you can collect.

In the mean time, you can also purchase things like revives if you want another go for a good run, and there are some opportunities for free coins as well.


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