Coins Cheats in Devious Dungeon 2 iPhone

Based on the review from the previous post, Devious Dungeon 2 is a retro dungeon-crawling platformer which is as compulsive as it is entertaining, and this comes along with three different characters to play with.

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When you are the first time to play Devious Dungeon 2 on your phone, you will be served with 3 hero classes, namely Barbarian, Mage and Rogue where you can pick one of them

There is a sword swinging barbarian, a magic tossing mage, and a sneaky-stabby rogue.
Each hero here plays slightly differently, with the mage capable of hovering, and the rogue getting a double jump.

Barbarian hero is a master of melee combat
He uses a wide range of swords, axes and maces to beat his enemies from close range
His special ability is damage reduced by 20% in each action

Mage hero is a master of magic who uses wands to cast deadly spells on his enemies from a distance
He will be equipped with Levitation as his special ability

Rogue hero is the nimble and fast moving rogue who uses a mix of melee and ranged weapons to attack and beat his enemies with his special ability.
During the game, he can perform double jump as his special ability

After selecting one of those hero classes, you will now go through some quests that are randomized in 5 world maps
Also, you will be equipped with lots of weapons and gear that you can use to beat enemies along the way

At the same time, you will stumble into a dungeon and have to kill everything, grab a key, and make it to the exit without running out of health.
Also, you will see some areas to explore, coins to collect, and new equipment to purchase.

To play this game, be sure to learn these basic control options first
To move your hero, you simply press and hold left or right buttons.
To perform jumping action, just press the A button and hold it for performing a higher jump.
To attack enemies, you can press or hold B button or you can just direct objects in front of you.
To drop through platforms, you can merely press hold the A button.
To do a Backstrafe, just hold down the B button and press away your enemy.
When questing, always keep your eyes open to find secret areas as they usually contain treasures.
In the mean time, you must also find the key hidden in the level to unlock the exit.
After beating all enemies in each quest, you can press B on the door when you have the key to exit the level.

The combat here will be surprisingly effective.
Holding down the attack button and pushing away from your opponent will allow you to slide away while you attack, in which it will give you a chance to kill the enemies before they get too close.

As usual, this game will feature coins as the premium currency
If you want to get them fast, you can also spend some extra cash on them in iap store.

Alternatively, you can also get them for free by battling with the bosses
Each quest will have one boss to beat, in that every time you can beat the boss and complete each quest, you will be rewarded with few rewards in form of coins
With all you have, you can purchase valuable equipments that will help you accomplish each stage


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