Coins Cheats in Crossy Road iPhone

Crossy Road Endless Arcade Hopper game from Hipster Whale is a kind of an endless “cross the street” type of game that will get you to guide every character to cross some vehicles on the street with safe

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Similar to this, this game will remind you with Frogger that was simple and addictive one.
However, this game is coming along with a complete evolution of the genre and a really great title.

Along the game, you will have to pass through any obstacle ahead in which you sometimes need to wait for the obstacles to line up perfectly
But, make sure no to take too long or the game will penalize you and you must start over
Moreover, if you spend too much time waiting, the eagle will come and get you

Swiping is the key to get your character successfully to cross the road
In line with this, even tough you can make your character move forward by simply tapping the screen, be sure you can learn to control by swiping

Swiping upwards will go up your character
Swiping downwards will return to the previous position
Swiping to the left or right will move your character in that direction.
If you can perform this well, you can deal with a lot in tight situations where you will instinctively swipe and get out of trouble.

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to collect some coins that you can later use to unlock new characters in this game

At the same time, you will also have to reach a score as high as possible
Meanwhile, with these coins, you are able to unlock new animals to play as.
So just try to create your path in such a way and get all the coins that you can.

On the other side, every set of obstacles will have an opening that will be easier or more difficult to find.
For such reasons, you will be served with the main goal that is to find it as soon as possible and act fast.

In the mean time, you will sometimes have to jump head first into the traffic and simply make your way through the cars
Later on, you will have to wait for the perfect time, then sprint forward.
At this point, you can try to mix the strategy with the increased pace so that you will get far with that way.

In addition, this game will also prompt you to unlock new characters each with unique features that you can purchase them in iap store
Unfortunately, unlocking new characters will not even bring you anything new gameplay

Anyways, the main core of this game is to focus on the game’s challenge that is to keep on going in order to unlock them all.
Thus, simply pick your character based your style and play with it for fun.

In addition, coins as the main currency of this game that you can use to purchase more animals
Because of this, you must get more coins in the first place that you can realize once you unlock the Forget Me Not character, a white block with eyes
Then, when playing with it, flowers will come up that you have to be collected to earn coins.
To get more coins, you have to unlock the Piggy Bank that will increase your coins exponentially.

You can also get some coins for free once you get the free gifts, that you can get once every six hours after downloading the game.
Moreover, you will earn more coins by watching an advertisement video in that every of them will last a while, and they will again come up about once every three to five games that you play.
So, just keep watching them every time to earn the coins.

Sometimes, you will be offered to try out a character freely, which usually lasts about five games
At the same time, you will get an extra 250 coins as a bonus.
You can then take each offer and make an extra five bonus characters as rewards.


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