Coins Cheats in Combo Critters iPhone

Lucky Kat Studios has recently launched Combo Critters on the apple store and android markets
Here, you will merely get to collect some creatures, fight against others and combine them to be the most powerful creatures

combo critters walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to collect as many critters as possible and get more coins that you can get from the battle with the other critters
You can use coins to combine the critters and upgrade them.

When you are about to fight with enemies, make sure to select them based on your levels
You can find the one that is weaker than your critters
Once getting such enemy, go to get in their range and attack them as much as possible to get coins and extra new critters.

Coins seem to be the main currency of this game that you can get for free with above step
Generally, you can get that currency by defeating every critter in the battlefield

Alternatively, you can get more coins by watching the promotional ads
With more coins in your collection, you can heal your critters and combine them
In other words, the coins take a big role to make a good progress in the game
For such reasons, always watch the ads video in the game for easy free coins.

During in the battle, you can combine your critters with another with full health
Doing this will really save some extra coins
Use coins to combine them for a better creature

You may combine two critters to be a critter which is not better than one of the ones you combine.
Anyway, you can improve this by looking at the resulting critter following a combination
Besides, you simply replace one of the critters and try again for something good result.

If you want to get all critters in a specific world, you can replay completed levels
There, you will win the battle at ease so that you can collect coins and new critters to be added to your collection.
Thus, do this to farm more coins and new creature then combine them to be the strongest ones


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