Coins Cheats Human Cannonball iPhone

Roflcopter Ink has launched Human Cannonball on the iOS and Android platforms
In this game, you will shoot yourself form one platform to another one while collecting coins there

human cannonball walkthrough ios android

Here, every platform will make for one single point, the you will continue your jump
When performing your action, focus on the angle that your cannon is at before you shoot
It is caused by, this will have a pretty large effect on how long you will need to charge the cannon for.
If you direct the cannon faces farther up, you will need to charge it for any longer.

As said earlier, you will need to collect coins every time you jump on to platform
In order to earn more coins, you can watch advertisement videos given by the developer

To do this, just find a gold button telling you to get 20 coins by watching a video.
Just watch the advertisement video, in which you will need about thirty seconds to watch it
Afterward, you will earn coins as a reward.

After collecting enough coins, you can use them to purchase new stuff, that will make you look cooler. Besides, you can also use them to get some power ups, such as the aim helper or the parachute.
Using the aim helper power up will show you the exact flight trajectory.
And, using the parachute power up will stop you immediately over a platform in case you overshoot it.

On the other side, you can also get these power ups without spending any money, in-game or real.
In line with this, just go to the in game store and under the item that you want
There, just tap the little trophy icon underneath it
In the mean time, you will see what achievement to unlock that will get you to get the power up for free.

In addition, one of the achievements will involve landing on your feet.
At this point, all you will do is to tilt the phone forwards and backwards to control how your character will move.

Tilting him to the right way before landing will make him land on his feet.
Anyway, he should be upright to do that action successfully.


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