Coins Cheats Free Fur All iPhone

Cartoon Network has a new collection of Bare Bears minigames that is called Free Fur All that you can play on mobile platforms

free fur all we bare bears mini game collection walkthrough ios android

Here, you will guide the bears on a quest to get the most awesome videos for social media
In line with this, you must guide them to play all sorts of games, like racing a Segway, flipping pancakes or you can take stickers to put on selfies.

When playing in the pancake game, you must keep the pancake airborne for as long as you can, without hitting the ceiling.

In the mean time, be sure to watch out for the kitchen winds, whereby they can knock your pancake straight onto the floor
To play this well, try to tilt your phone from side to side to keep up with the direction which the wind will blow it in.

Later on, you will go for the racing game
When being in this game, try to tilt farther to the side
And, the Segway will have has a tight turn radius, so try to to hit the brakes on it while going on the road fast

On the other side, you will play the barista game, where you will pour a drink to serve it to your customers with one thumb

At the same time, you will also pour another one with your other thumb, or you will wipe the table with your other thumb.
When doing so, just let off of the coffee button a little bit early in which you will not spill too much of your drink.

Playing in the sticker game will be a little bit tougher though
At this point, always consider to learn where everything needs to go before putting stickers up
In accordance with this, just tap and drag carefully which allow you to avoid the unnecessary stickers and get close to the ones that you really want.

In addition, every time you can complete each minigame, you will be granted with coins
To collect them, just tap on the coin icon and spend some of them on new stuff to give different look when you are about to play in the next minigames.


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