Coins Cheats for Ultimate Pack in Final Sky Cross Summoner iPhone

Final Sky, also known as Cross Summoner from Aeria Games Europe can be categorized into an anime-style action RPG with storytelling and comes along with great character design

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You will freely select a bunch of different heroes as you like
According to this, you will be able to build up your battle party by selecting between unique character classes.
Here, you can summon Brawlers, Rangers, Casters, and Healers to fight by your side.

Every hero will come in their own set of attacks, and a combo system to rival Killer Instinct, where you can use them to beat tough bosses and enemies, while rescuing people as well.

Later on, you will also be tasked to summon a bunch of heroes
Also, you can sell it to get some extra coins, which will be handy to level up your cards outside of battle, along with the free experience which you can earn from each battle.
Thus, the role of coins will be needed to level up your hero

During in the battlefield, you can try using your special attack and ace attack wisely.
Note that, mashing buttons at once will make you lose the effectiveness of the attack and your combo.

In line with this, you can also use one special after the other that will be useful to beat the enemies in the air and juggle them.

On the other side, using the combo will be a good idea to break after the ace attack is over, so that you can finish them off with the ace attack.

Plus, using more combos and more blue orbs will contribute higher damage percentile for each successive attack.

Meanwhile, you will also have to summon as often as possible.
At this point, you can make your leader extremely grossly overpowered
Because of this, your friends will pick him or her, that will earn you summoning points.
Besides, you can also get summon stones that you can use to get rare and powerful heroes in this game.

Sometimes, you will get the same character twice, in which the character will earn a Limit Break that the same thing will occur if you use the appropriate Limit Materia on that hero, as well.

In accordance with this, other materia will add stat increases to heroes
And, using the right materia will increase a hero`s star rarity rating.

In order to get more rewards, always check out the daily dungeons for higher challenges and rarer ones Also, check out the arena for the ability to play PvP against other players’ parties online
In this multiplayer mode, you can then move up in the ranks and get league rewards in pvp mode.

Anyway, this game will come along with some various packs such as Bonus Pack, Maxi Pack, Premium Pack, Super Pack, Ultra Pack, Mega Pack and Ultimate Pack
All of those is available on the iaps for additional purchases

Besides, in term of coins, you can collect them for free in the game that you can earn once you have completed certain quests
As said earlier, those coins are very useful to level up your heroes that will be the most powerful ones


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