Coins Cheats for Revives and Power ups in Bullet Boy iPhone

Bullet Boy by Kongregate can be regarded as a new level based puzzler game that you can play on the iOS and Android devices

bullet boy beginner tutorial iphone apple watch

Along the game, you are tasked to complete each stage quickly to get more coins from each combo that you have performed in each level

In order to get more coins, you can get past a tough level
Or, you can replay older stages and play them for collecting some coins

When performing your action for shooting the barrels in this game, just make sure to avoid birds, buildings and weird machines

In the meantime, you should tap rapidly to dodge fast-moving obstacles, while aiming precisely to get to the next cannon
Try to shoot two barrels ahead for big points

Also, you can shoot to the sky to avoid multiple obstacles to complete the main goal for coins
Later on, you will be able to unlock some power-ups to help you complete each stage at ease

Having the bouncy head power-up will allow you to bounce off of a wall
It will be useful when you get to a barrel closing to a wall, so that you can shoot yourself against the wall to make easy combo points.

Using the drill power ups will allow you to skip a bunch of barrels at a time by drilling through obstacles in a stage.

After, you crash out, you can use revives or hearts to continue moving to the next stage
To get some free revives easily, you can merely watch an ad video from the store

Once making some progresses through the game, you will get coins that you can use to get some power ups
In order to get free coins easily and fast, all you will do is to log into Kongregate to earn 500 free coins.

Next, once reaching level 12 and beat it, you are able to unlock Endless mode, where you can then make big combos to get a bunch of coins which will be useful to have more power ups.


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