Coins Cheats for Restart in Vault iPhone

Nitrome has just launched its newest endless running and pole vaulting game called Vault that you can play both on the iOS and Android phones.

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In this game, your main goal is to go as far as you can, drop your pole and vault over obstacles at just the right times, while collecting coins as every time you can get through each obstacle along the way

In a glance, this is like a bouncing game where you will simply vault different distances based on how long you can hold down on the screen.

Once letting go off the screen, the pole will go away and the vault will end the you will drop back down to the platform.

You can perform a short jump by doing this right at the beginning of the vault
Also, you can do this by passing halfway for an even longer vault than holding it down the whole time.

To jump or bounce, try to put the pole down on different surfaces, even sidewalls, which will cause your pole to slip off.
Drop your pole either on the left side of the pit or on the right side of the pit so that you can have different landing points for your jump.

Along the game, you will also have to get more coins as many as you can.
With this coin, you can purchase restarts after you lose at a stage so that you will continue your jump that will give you a big chance to gain high score

On the other side, you can also watch a free ad video after you lose so that you will get a restart and it also gives you coins to collect
In line with this, after you lose for the second time, just pay the requisite 50 coins for a second restart.
With more restarts, you will get closer to get high potential score.

When doing your jumps, always watch out for two red ball and switches right next to each other.
In accordance with this, you must pass them, which you can do by waiting until the last possible second, and tap the screen to vault then hold it until your vault is over completely.
At this point, the pole will go through the red balls, but be sure not hit them anyway.


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