Coins Cheats for Rare Players in PES Club Manager iPhone

PES Club Manager developed by Konami can be said as a new football or soccer management game that is dedicated to the iOS and Android platforms

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Seemingly, this game allows you to get a full control over your football team that includes over 5,000 licensed players

As a manager, you will have to select and train your players, build your own clubhouse and provide a coach concerning with tactical instructions to your team to become the best club manager in this game

Here, you will either take a hands-off approach, a moderately controlling approach, or become the micro manager of your own team.

In this game, all you will have to do is to lead your team to league victory against all other comers and you must also collect all of the players that you want.

When going into the player selection, just first pick a formation based on what positions your best-ranked players play, then choose the players with the highest overall number score who fit into each position.

Always remember not to put anyone out of position as that will cause a skill penalty, otherwise, try to put players into their strongest position.
This is vital to go as the more they play good games, their scores will go even higher

Moreover, you will also be granted with training points, that you can use for many things, such as attack training or sprinting training for speed, or training your keepers

Always focus on the position training, as this will allow you to teach a player a new position
And, if you have a player with a great score and getting squeezed out because of too strong in one position, you must train them in another position.

In order to get the best players, you can go to the market
There, try to get rid of some of your players for some extra GP.
In line with this, smart play will get you to know who you can sell for more GP than you bought them for.

Try to search for players in underpriced or undervalued then hold onto them for awhile.
If a player gets popularity all of a sudden, you will see that their price to be skyrocket because of demand from other users.

When being at the middle of a game, you can take a hands off approach to the team’s strategy
At this point, just set everything to the middle, such as the attack or defense balance or the passive or aggressive balance.
Also, just change your team’s strategy based on situations that they get into.

However, if you have more hands-on here, you can set the speed to 1x
Otherwise, you can set it to 3x to make the games go at ease.

After going through some matches against other players, you will be rewarded with PES coins, the premium currency of the game

Once getting them, you can use them in the scouting area to get rare players
With these rare players, you can then put them on the market for expensive prices in GP.
Doing so will also give you more coins as well

And, when you agree on a contract, smart negotiation will be needed to sign them to a fair salary.
So, just try to get the champion in every match, as this will automatically increase your income that will come to PES coins as well.


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