Coins Cheats for Rare Cards Pack in Power Rangers Unite iPhone

Funtactix will take you to unite rangers, zords, weapons and villains in the game of Power Rangers: UNITE which is a kind of a collectible card game, where you will lead the rangers to fight against NeroDark to make Earth a peaceful place to reside.

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Along the game, you will have to build your card deck consisting of rangers and zords from the Power Rangers extended universe then you can either play online with your friends online or play an exciting single-player campaign to power up your rangers cards.

Later on, you will be tasked to gather up over 250 different cards consisting of Rangers, Zords, Weapons, Abilities then customize your card deck to beat enemies in an explosive single-player campaign and rescue citizens to win valuable rewards coins and some rare cards.

In this game, all front row cards will automatically attack at the end of each turn.
In line with this, be sure to get all your front row spots occupied to make a shield yourself
Also, you can protect your deck by using cards of equal attack power against your enemy’s.
Here, that damage will be calculated by attack power difference
For such reasons, if you have two cards attacking each other with the same attack power, you will nothing happen, in which it will be handy to use a blocking technique.

On the other side, you can use the unstoppable force card for direct damage with certain cards that can bypass enemy blockers.
As an illustration, you can have a support card called Unstoppable Force card in your starting deck, that you can only play in your back row.

At this point, if you see a front row card in the same column as it, the front row card will always attack your opponent directly, even if there is a enemy card in front of it.
Anyway, using this card will be great if it is coming with a high attack card

In order to build the strongest cards deck, be sure to learn card abilities in form of agile, timer, shield and haste

Agile cards can only be found on front row forces cards and they are repositioned after being put down in that they can also switch places with other agile cards.
Just provide this ability to your cards which do not normally have it with special support cards.

Timer card will automatically discard once their timer hits 0 in which it will decrease by 1 at the end of every turn.

Shield can ignore the first point of damage from any attack.
Meanwhile, Haste will allow your cards to attack at a quick time after it is played.

For further activating card powers toward some cards, such as the human form rangers will contribute powers coming along with manual activation.

The human rangers can morph into their Power Ranger form
And, the megazords cards will have special attack abilities.

In related to attack abilities, they will sometimes cost power points
Sometimes, they do not need power points when you use attack abilities
Thus, be sure to check if a card has an ability by single tapping it.
Here, megazord cards will not be able to attack normally after they have used their power.

Furthermore, in order to get some card packs, they will cost some coins
As initial start, you can get the basic card packs with 99 coins in the store.
For having more coins, you will get them by beating all enemies in each level
So, try to have your cards power up to beat all villains cards

Moreover, if you can defeat certain levels, you will be rewarded with some free cards from Mighty Morphin, Samurai, Megaforce, to Super Megaforce.
Always consider to try to get different packs to diversify your deck for being the strongest one


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