Coins Cheats for High Score One More Dash iPhone

One More Dash form SMG Studio is a new game about timing where you will merely tap to make a line from one circle to the next

one more dash walkthrough ios android

When performing your action, you must try to do this as many times as you can without dying on each level.
If you can go through in one piece, you will be granted with high scores and coins for bonuses.

In this game, you will be introduced with two types of walls surrounding each circle.
The spiky walls will kill you the second if you touch them.
And, the regular walls will bounce you off if you hit the base of them.

On the other side, catching the front of them as they are rotating will send you flying way off the side of the stage, that will also make the level over.

Along the game, you will be able to gather up some coins that you can use to get new circle characters.
At this point, there will be two purchase menus.
The first one will change the color of the background of the level, as well as the colors of your circle.
The second one can be reached by tapping the lower right button that is represented by the white circle button
Anyway, this will add an animation to your circle.
So, you can try to combine any combination of these two together to get a totally unique look.

In order to get more coins for free, all you will do is to watch promotional videos
Every time, you have watched ads video, you will be rewarded with three coins for ones.
Moreover, if you can complete any quest given in this game, you will also be granted with two coins apiece
You can try to complete some quests such as bouncing off of a wall four times or living for fifteen seconds, and so on.

Once collecting coins, you will now have to get the highest score possible, that you can do by focusing on the coins and start focusing on simply getting to the next circle.

Alongside, you may still earn a coin or two if you time it right
Next, you will find it much easier to get farther in every stage of this game.

In addition, sitting on one circle for too long will make you die automatically.
For such reasons, you must try to bounce off of a wall to reset the timer before the game is over.
At this point, you will lose a point off of the next circle
But, if you have no points left in it while doing this, the timer will reset on its own.
Thus, the main point id to focus on connecting each circle one to another smoothly


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