Coins Cheats for High Score in Dragon Jump iPhone

Again, after launching its fresh endless game, called Arrow, Ketchapp and Lemon Jam is now coming to the apple store with its newest game, Dragon Jump, a new endless battle game.

dragon jump walkthrough ios android

Your main goal here is to jump and you will guide your character stomp dragons or spear them by hitting them from below.

Every time, you can defeat all of the dragons, you will get the highest score that you can.
In the mean time, you will also be rewarded with coins that you can use to purchase new outfits.

In related to the coins, you will usually earn five coins every time you can get rid of a gold dragon
Plus, you will get ten coins apiece for beating the bosses.

Alternatively, you will be able to get more coins for free by watching an advertisement video.
You will see the button to come up after each stage
Always remember that when you tap and run this button, you must a data or WiFi connection at the time.

Later on, every time, you can collect 100 coins, you can use them to purchase a new costume.
This new custom will not affect your method of attack, and your attack power
But, it is just to change the appearance of your character when performing some actions in this game.

Furthermore, you will get to deal with the bosses in a particular stage
When facing this boss, just take it slowly and do not go rushing to hit them too quickly
If you can do so, you will end up making mistakes and getting hit by dragons or weapons.
The main key is to take a moment to attack while avoiding the attack from the boss
After you have delivered enough hits toward the boss, you can beat it that will make you rich of coins.

On the other side, you must stay alert of the speed increases that come with higher levels as they will happen every time you beat another one of the bosses.
If you can beat tough bosses in this game, you will be granted with a bunch of coins and high score

Consider to time your jump off of a dragon or a weapon.
Holding the screen when landing on a dragon will make you bounce off here.
Letting finger off the screen will make you simply fall straight down.
Thus, try holding the screen based on what will come for you next.


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