Coins Cheat to Get High Score in Riff the Robot iPhone

Riff the Robot from Oh So Shiny mixes the puzzle gameplay of a bubble shooter with the punchy excitement of a pinball game.

riff the robot walkthrough ios android

Here, you will take a control to send the thrusters firing off slingshots, sticking on magnets, slipping around speed slides, bouncing off bumpers, and boost your way around this blast through time

When performing your action, you will have to gather up Dr. MC’s lost marbles to rescue the universe in this game
Also, you will be tasked to get score as high as possible

To play this game, the time of your tapping will be really important here
If you tap left or right at key moments, you can make all the difference to maintaining a steady run and getting a bunch of points.

Meanwhile, using thrusters will be useful when you miss the catapult whereby you will have a chance of being saved by the portal if you can land on it.

Try to aim for magnets since they will grab onto Riff.
There, he will stay stuck to them until you send him off to another spot, that will give you valuable time to reassess where to go next.

In this game, some marbles will be handy to unlock new areas
In line with this, just replay completed levels to get more marbles.
At this phase, you can shoot for 3 stars in each level anyhow, plus it unlocks bonus stages.

Besides, you must also learn and know your marbles and adjust accordingly
Blue marbles will give you 100 points, while purple ones will give you 500 points.

Then, orange ones will be worth 100 points, but they also increase your multiplier by 1x at that time.
So, try to collect these before snagging the blue and purple ones.

Meanwhile, having green ones will be worth 250 points, that will make you open the warp gate to get you to the next stage.
And, you can try to wrack up some good combos.

On the other side, extra time marbles will have a clock face on them and they will add a second to the timer during timed stages.

If you can get white marbles, you will also get a free power up which can be used through all obstacles, in that a teleporter will make you go to the highest up green marble, or a free protective shield.

Also, you will need energy to play a game and your energy recharges one turn at a time, every 15 minutes.

To get more energy and power ups, you will need coins that you can get by connecting this game to your Facebook account
In addition, you can also get two extra turns, that you can do by watching ads videos
With this turns, you can go to the next level smoothly


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