Coins Cheat in Undersea Attack Tower Defense iPhone

Undersea Attack from Tofemedia is a kind of a fictional war game with science fiction on mobile where this game is set underwater like atlantis

undersea attack tower defense walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will experience to get involved in gun battle with underwater sentinel, submarine battle and cannon shooting.

At the beginning of the game, you begin with a ‘campaign’ mode in which after you have completed all the levels, you will be able to unlock the ‘survival’ mode

In every level, make sure you defend your tower and shoot any the undersea submarines and ships moving at high speeds that you can do by using a range of different weapons options, such as Laser, Plasma, Torpedo.

In each stage, you will deal with a horde of incoming submarines enemies above your turrets
In line with this, you must firstly build your turrets so that you can use them to shoot down your targets.

At first time to build your turrets, just tap on turret slot then select Turret Type such as Laser, Plasma, Torpedo
If you see Price is red it means your money gold is not enough.
And, if the button is locked it will open in next levels.
Once unlocking your first turrets, you can change the position of weapons then you can also upgrade to better and more powerful shooting options.

You can also move those Turrets that you can do by tapping on Turret, tapping on move button then tapping on new place for your turrets.
After going through tough battle, you should upgrade your Turrets by tapping on Turret with icon and tapping on upgrade button

Later on, once building your turrets with special weapons within, you can now start battle with some incoming submarines
Along the game, you will be able to play in 30 Challenging Levels and 2 entertaining Game Modes which are Campaign And Survival mode

Always be sure that every time you deal with the enemies in each level, you can manage different strategy to blast your enemies in each level

At this point, you can try to unlock a variety of cannons then change it position to shoot down the enemies that are moving at high speed above your tower

Anyway, this game features gold coins that you can earn after beating the enemy one by one in the battlefield
You can earn that gold by winning each battle, and you can also get experience point
With these gold coins, you will be able to purchase the more lethal weapons to blast enemies at once as the enemies will go for the advanced ones if you reach the next level that will come to high expereince points as well

Or if you want to get more gold coins for free, you can go to old stages that you have already beaten and replay them for collecting coins freely


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