Coins Cheat in Tap Titans iPhone

Game Hive Corp as the one that has made Tap Titans going to ios and android will take you to put your warrior and send other future warriors into endless battles with monsters and bosses from level to level, while collecting more coins in the process.

tap titans walkthrough ios android

To play this game, you simply tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to collect gold, and tap to hire heroes then you can purchase some warriors with coins that you have collected in each level.
At the same time, you can also activate devastating skills, unlock powerful auras, then summon mysterious artifacts as well as exploring beautiful worlds,meeting helpful fairies, reviving heroes, and collecting lost treasures.

At the beginning of the game, you will not get many coins at all for monster killing, but each time you go for a new stage the coins will double.
As an illustration, that coin will go from one, to two, to four, to eight, etc, until you are in the millions and billions of coins in the game.
for such reasons, all you will have to do is to keep tapping to kill monsters quickly, so that you can move on to the higher levels faster.

Later on, after you have got the 100k range in coins, it will be better to purchase some of the warriors.
Here, certain warriors, such as Inquisireaux the Terrible, will be extremely economical to upgrade.

Once you have purchased some warriors, just go to the settings menu on your phone and set the auto lock screen off.
Afterwards, you can then go to the game and set it on when you are sleeping.
As a result, you will have a bunch of coins in your stock after you wake up.

Moreover, this game also features diamonds or gems as the premium currency
In accordance with this, in the way of collecting those gems, all you will have to do is merely to watch out for the popups to appear with special bonuses.
In related to these bonus, they will include things like having each tap be worth a whole lot of coins, or watching a video for free gems.
At this point, just take these offers once seeing them
In the mean time, also make sure to tap the angels flying around with chests for a while lot of extra coins for free.

Alternatively, if you want to get free gems, you are able to unlock achievements to earn trophies.
Just go to the trophy screen and tap on any of the completed achievements to get your bounty.
Also, you should look at whatever you need to do to unlock the achievements, then you have to complete those achievements for having more rewards.


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