Coins Cheat in Kinecticmals iPhone

Microsoft Corporation will invite you to visit the island of Lemuria and play with animals in Kinecticmals and you can even bring your pet on the go

kinecticmals walkthrough ios android

Previously, before going to mobile platforms, this game previously launched on Kinect for Xbox 360, in which your phone will be the key to unlocking five new cubs on your console.
This game is made with some features in visual quality, delightful animation and brand new ways to play with your cub

To play this game for the first time, you simply tap your pet to get its attention
Stroke the pet carefully to make it happy, but be careful not to touch sensitive areas such as its face or feet.

Later on, you will be able to get experience points after playing this game for a while
On the other side, if you have your pet with higher stats, you will earn more XP because of it
So you have to collect enough XP and your trainer level will rise that will come to be a Master Trainer

When being in the Trainer Stats, you can check your progress with the Trainer Stats screen such as your current rank, and you will know how many challenges you have completed.

For further, you will also learn how your pet eats, drinks, or is cleaned, then check their Strength, Stamina, and Charm increase unless they are extremely hungry, thirsty, or dirty enough.
Then, you will also get some quality items that will increase the stats more and keep your pet satisfied for long period.
Here, you will also get more XP and more Coins if you have pets in higher stats.

This game requires coins that you can use to get your pets to high stats
During the game, you will see coins appear after your pet does a number of successful actions.
Once seeing this, you have to gather up those coins by tapping on them and you can use them to purchase new gear in the shop for your lovely pet.

Moreover, you will get through each location with a number of unique challenges that you have to beat
Before going to accomplish a challenge, you will need to purchase the correct toy from the shop.

In addition, in order to earn XP and coins, make sure to select the shipping rope, volley ball, catch ball, agility course, and flying disc to play with your pet.
Doing different activities with different stats will earn you more XP.
Therefore, you should try to learn which stats that will give you the most XP in each activity
Anyway, you will be able to find out what Free Play activities are available at a location by tapping it once


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