Coins Cheat in Hero of Legends Android

Doodle Mobile has brought Hero of Legends is in #1 as an addicting and interactive action strategy game
In this game, you will go through epic quests to beat enemies bosses and fight against mythical creatures in one massive role-playing adventure.

hero of legends wallkthrough iphone android

The story begin when an unknown force of creatures has come across the land, coming to civil war and make a terror toward the population there.
As being a hero, you have to battle with them and reclaim your land’s power by assembling, evolving, and enhancing hundreds of powerful heroes.

In the way of collecting your heroes, you will also be assigned to summon over 300 legendary heroes and ancient beasts, then assemble them into powerful team ever.
Moreover, you can also take part in the Hero Arena by competing with thousands of players worldwide
There, you can rank up your heroes and take down your opponents to get some rare awards.

In related to this game, there two types of attackers in the game, the melee type and the ranged type.
The melee heroes deliver an attack at a combat or near distance but they have a large health pool.
The ranged heroes can attack a long distance but they have a small health pool.

To set better strategy, you can place range attackers as the best offense in this game.
If they are upgraded properly, they will have a high damage output and they can kill enemy fast before they can go at near distance.

You can also try to place your heroes at the same lane so that you will have an unstoppable range squad.
At this point, you will be able to kill enemies, as the melee or ranged heroes will easily overcome the enemies base.

You can manage and place 1 ranged hero and 4 melee heroes in the lane
This game has 5 lanes to fight for and you require at least 1 dominated lane to attack the enemy base.
Here, your main goal is to stack the range attackers in a 1 chosen lane and make a best defense of your other lanes with melee attackers.

By applying that strategy, you can destroy the enemy base quickly.
At the same time, you do not have to worry if you are melee are not strong enough to defend your base.
At this point, you can delay the enemy attackers while you are range lane are stacking range attackers.
To upgrade your ranged heroes, you will need only use your coins that you have collected every time you beat enemies in the battlefield.

In addition, if you have a stacked upgraded range attackers, you will be able to kill enemy and take over the enemy base as fast as possible
This game also features gems and coins as the premium currencies which you will be able to collect in your missions
Every time you take over enemy base, you will be rewarded with that currencies


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