Coins Cash to Get Gold Players in NBA LIVE Mobile iPhone

Electronic Arts has a new sporting game called NBA Live Mobile which has been launched to the world and played by the most ios and android users recently

nba live mobile 16 walkthrough ios android

Here is something like a tutorial to help you make more coins and cash used to purchase the best players for the best positions in all the possible line-ups

So, with the best players in your team, you can easily win the games and dominate the match which will help you get more currencies

In the way of collecting money coins, always check and get the achievements completed successfully
There, make sure to check out their requirements related to the in-game seasons
By completing them, you will get some coins and cards that you can use to make more coins by selling them in the Auction House

Besides, they are also useful for unlocking even better cards.
Because of this, always try to complete every single achievement to get a lot of money fast.

Later on, playing through the seasons will earn you some money
In line with this, you must use the required line-up to increase your income of coins cash

When playing in the season, you can use the autoplay mode to go through them in automatic
Just tap the play button in the upper right side of the screen so that the game will run by itself due to the AI handle all of activities at that time

After getting enough coins, go to the auction house to search for the Gold players
You can do this activity by waiting for The Auction House to get refreshed every 5 minutes

At this point, just refresh your search and tap buy button quickly when you meet the new players based on your criteria such as the gold player with skill over 70 for a price between 500 and 3000 coins.
Then, you can sell them back to get high profit which will give you a bunch of coins

Except looking for the gold players, you can get silver ones on the market
According to this, just find the Warriors players that you can sell for high prices
But, get them for 600 coins and exchange them for 1200 coins on the market

The main point is always to use the Auctions where all you will have to do is to purchase low and sell high for players that you may think them valuable
With your money, you can try to snipe for cards in undervalued and purchase them with the buy it now price then resell them at their regular value.

In addition, you must complete the sets and get really good players from most sets
Afterward, you can then sell them on the market for a high value and get new players with potential ones such as Hawks or Heat and complete them

Once having them in your team, you can use or sell them to make more coins and cash, the premium currencies of this game


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