Coins Cash Cheats PIXELS Defense iPhone

Pixels Defense from Bandai Namco can be said as a tower defense game that tells about aliens sending gigantic versions of video game characters to attack the earth by pixelating it

pixels defense walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game is adapted from the new Adam Sandler movie Pixels, where you can use a mix of your arcaders and other defenses to beat the gigantic game characters for cash.

Every arcader comes along with slightly different attacks, and each of them gives you a big boost that will be handy to block enemies while they are attacking.

In line with this, you can simply move them around while using them to stem the flow of enemies down paths which are getting overwhelmed

Doing this will be really useful when you are still waiting on more coins so that you can get new turret or upgrade them to be stronger ones.

Later on, you will also deal with boss characters that you can beat by moving your arcaders over to where the boss location
In the mean time, just stick them in the path of the boss, and let them attack first.
At that time, you will see that they will slow down the boss a little bit

And, if you see that they are right in front of the boss, the boss will push them forward, that will force them to move

In line with this, this extends the amount of time that the arcaders can target the boss before moving them again.

To easily beat them, just get cannons with coins that place car cannons in the path of the bosses such as Pac-Man, Q*Bert, Galaga, Centipede or whomever.
The car cannons will explode anything getting closer to them
Moreover, they are useful to blast large waves at once

Always pay attention to where each enemy comes from
It is caused by if you go farther into the game, you will see that they enemies take more paths
So, you will know where to put your initial towers before they attack your position

Based on the title, you will have to build the best defense in different ways for different type of enemies

For stronger enemies coming in smaller numbers, you must build the weapons specialist or the slowdown tower.
And, you must build the foxhole or the long-range tower for large waves of enemies as that tower does splash damage and has a gigantic range.
At the same time, you should move your arcaders around as well.

Note that, your second arcader will always be the one who has a speaking role in each stage.

In addition, every time you can complete each objective, you will be granted with coins or cash as your rewards
With these coins, you can use them to purchase any tool such as cannon that will defend your tower form any incoming enemies along the game


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