Coins Cards Cheats in Coup iPhone

Coup from Banana & Co is a popular card game specifically designed for ios platform
On the other words, this game is about bluffing, deceit, and manipulation where you can use character actions, coins, and challenge bluffs to take beat the other player’s cards and become the last survivor

coup walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will play up to four players in that each can command a hidden hand of two cards.
Here, you will be able to use five types of cards, all representing a character with a special ability.

And, some characters here are able to collect more coins than others.
Meanwhile, some can take out an opponent’s card quickly.

In line with this, bluffing, manipulation, and other deceptive tactics will come into play where you will have to collect more coins, overthrow one another, and try not to get caught in a lie.

On the other side, you will also participate in ranked matches in that you will play against others of your skill level and try to climb the ladder into the top tier of players.

Each player here is dealt 2 random cards to start the game and the deck will come along with 3 of each card for a total of 15 cards.

Early on this game, you will start with 2 coins that you can use for actions to kill the opponent’s characters.

As a quick references, income will take 1 coin and it cannot be blocked or challenged.
Duke tax will take 3 coins and it cannot be blocked.

Captain steal will take 2 coins from another player and it can be blocked by Captain or Ambassador
Assassin assassinate will pay 3 coins, and choose player to lose card.
It can be blocked by Contessa.

Contessa is kind of block assassination and it cannot be blocked.
Ambassador exchange will take 2 cards, and it will return 2 cards to court deck.
it cannot be blocked.

In coup, you will need 7 Coins, and choose player to lose card.
It cannot be blocked or challenged.

Anyway, this game sometimes pops up the ads while you are playing in on your phone
In order to get rid of these intrusive ads, it will be better to turn off your internet connection before playing the Coup game.

Or, you can set your phone into airplane mode first then you can launch the game without the ads appear on the screen


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