Coins Bucks Cheats in Wipeout 2 iPhone

Activision publishing has come out with Wipeout 2 game that will let you take a control of one of the contestants competing in the popular Wipeout competition.

wipeout 2 walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do here is to slide, jump, and run your way through a obstacle full of crazy contraptions that will lead you to get coins and bucks, the premium currency of this game

When sliding down hills, having a little boost to your overall speed will be a must
Here, the forward momentum will speed you up a little bit

Early on this game, you will be asked to complete two missions at the bottom of the screen.
Those objectives can be like use a power up X number of times, or slide a number of times.

When dealing with this, just try your best to complete them
On the other side, every time, you can complete them, you will level up one of your current character’s stats.

You will improve such following stats
Speed will show you your character’s top speed.
Recovery will show you how fast your character gets back on their feet after taking small damage.
Slide will show you how far your character’s slide goes.
Air Control will show you how responsive your character is in the air.

Note that those stats are different from each character
And, the upgrades will only pertain to your currently selected character.

Once completing missions, you will be granted with coins that you can use to get some power ups, namely speed up, rewind, and teleport.
Speed up is the most dangerous power up, that can speed up your character’s top speed so that you can beat your opponent at ease.

Rewind will let you go back a couple of paces if you are about to hit an inevitable end.
And, the teleport will then let you skip an obstacle set if you get too much trouble with it.
Anyway, this can save a run if you get stuck on a tricky obstacle course, such as the big balls.

Sometimes, when you are running fast, you will also consider to slow down at some point.
You can do this, when you come up to a obstacle, in which you can slow down and examine the situation.
And, if you run so fast you may probably end up taking a couple of hits, wasting more time in the long run.

In the mean time, always remember to dodge the claw obstacles as they will come with multiple branches to them.
Meanwhile, this only serves to hinder your vision, so your timing needs to be extra tight to clear them as fast as you can.

In addition, every time, you can complete each missions you will be granted with coins or bucks that you can use on special power ups
With these special power ups, you can accomplish your run at ease ans you can use these power ups to beat hard mission in this game


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