Coin Doubler Cheats in Deep Loot iPhone

Deep Loot is categorized into a new diving game where you will have to dive as far as possible as well as searching and finding buried treasure under the sea.

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At this point, you will also have to purchase new boats, new suits, new harpoons and a bunch of upgrades that will help you go down as far as possible and find the rarest of rare treasures along the game.

Here, your main goals is to go as deep as possible, and you will take away some of your air for every single move.

Generally, if you want to go for depth, you will have to try avoiding the blocks with brown rocks inside them unless you have an upgraded jackhammer, whereby they will take a long time and quite a bit of air to get through.

Furthermore, you will also have to search for the ones with the gold speckles because they will offer you treasure inside.

Just tap on clams to collect pearls then tap on treasure chests to get rare goods out of them.
In line with this, most treasure chests will certainly need keys to open.
For such reasons, you can even dig fossils out of blank squares fairly frequently in which you will be able to earn coins for doing this action.

When you want to see the current quests that you can complete within a stage, you are able to pause the game at any time.
Going through some quests will absolutely earn you experience points
Then, when you gain an experience level, you will get a huge coin bonus to go with it.

The most important upgrade that you can do in this game is to your air tank
By upgrading this, you will be able to go deeper or farther, so that you will find more treasure on one swim, or take out more fish at the same time.

Alongside, particular dives will get you to find a message in a bottle, which kicks off a small story line that develops slowly as you find more bottles.

When doing so, you can look through suits as well to find suitable upgrades
Having a suit will usually boost two of your stats that will include attack, defense, and air being the three stats while dropping one of them.

On the other side, make sure to look through your collections of loot along the way
It is caused by, you can get big rewards for completing an entire collection.

In general, you can find the best stuff inside the gold-accented chests in which you will also need the keys to open them
Getting the silver accented chests will sometimes give you a nice variety of stuff as well.
In accordance with the coins, you can to purchase gold for real money as well as a coin doubler


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