Cogs Clump in The Boxtrolls Slide` n Sneak Cheas on iPhone

Red Interactive Agency has launched their newest game which is named as The Boxtrolls Slide ‘n Sneak
This game is a new mission based running game based on the new Boxtrolls movie.

The Boxtrolls Slide 'N' Sneak iOS Walktrough Strategy Guide

Later on, you will be assigned to complete the main goal that is to make it from stage to stage, as well as finishing and unlocking the next one, collecting cogs and trying to get three stars on each stage.

Each stage will provide you a certain variety of obstacles in that you have to get past any enemy with a red hat by jumping on them.

Then, you can jump over what you can and slide under what you can not clear.
In order to speed up any stage, just try to slide downhill and jump uphill so that you will move quickly.

This game will feature cogs which are the currency in the game that you can gather them within the stages themselves.

You can then be farming for cogs by going through a stage that you have beaten before
you can play in one stage that you tend to collect a lot of cogs on, and play it over and over top get them more.
Then, the easier to beat, the better it is for farming.

Once collecting enough cogs, just save up them to purchase all kinds of new boxtrolls in the store.
When purchasing them, you can get different ones for every boxtroll, such as magnetism that attracts cogs, or allowing you to smash barrels.

Just play this game regularly in order to earn three stars.
On the other side, try to hold the screen for a shorter time to do a shorter jump
At the same time, hold it for a longer time to do a longer jump.

At this point, you have to time your jumps to collect as many cogs as possible in which the more you collect them, the more stars you will earn.

Furthermore, you will unlocks some pretty stuff by playing through the game.
Then after you have played through as many stages as you can, you will get at least one-starred them that will come to three-starring everything.

In addition, you can simply go back for three-star scores when you really need them in which you will be able to unlock a stage.


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