Clues to Survive in Five Nights at Freddys 4 iPhone

Five Nights at Freddys 4 developed by Scott Cawthon is a kind of survival game where you will defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and more creatures that will haunt you until 6am

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Along the game, you will have only a flashlight to protect yourself in that it will be important to be careful and listen any sound as a clue with headphones
Again, your only hint in this game is a sound, so listen up carefully

In each stage, you can also do queue actions such as turning on the flashlight, closing a door, turning, etc by holding the appropriate section of the screen

Always be sure to listen the crunchy footsteps of the animatronics, the pitter-patter of tiny nightmarish feet, and of course the breathing.

When playing in the first night, these animatronics will relentlessly come at you, so you must push them back with the flashlight or slam a door in their face.

Later on, do not use your flashlight as soon as you reach a door
Instead, just stand at the door to listen for breathing for a few seconds before shining your light, and if you hear any sound you can then slam the door as quick as possible

Then, if you hear any breathing sound, just hold it shut for a few seconds and listen for the sounds of the animatronic walking away.
At this point, you must make sure to hear the animatronic walk away before opening the door

Always keep the light off and listen any sound, and only click the light on for a moment when you think any creature is getting close

Bonnie and Chica will follow the same pattern where they only approach from the left and right sides of the room, respectively.
Chica will still show up around in the kitchen, so you might hear her clanking around in there from time to time.
Thus, you must keep moving and checking everything constantly.

Sometimes, you may find the mini Freddys to pile up on your bed if you let them go unchecked for too long.
In line with this, just make sure to keep your light on them until they all run away.

And, if you see the closet door move, be sure to check it quickly as Foxy may be ready to pounce
Besides, you can then make sure to run up and shine your light at it.

But, if you find Foxy there, go hurry to hold the doors shut for a second or two then check on him again.

Foxy and the tiny Freddys are more important to pay attention
Just make sure to keep an eye and ear on the left and right bedroom doors
The key to survive in this game is to listen very closely, and make liberal use of the flashlight.


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