Clues to Solve Puzzles in Hocus iPhone

As the previous page said that Hocus can be included into a puzzle game that will twist your brain to solve each puzlle in form of impossible objects 2D illusions

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Every one playing this game will be challenged to guide a red cube through a latticework of interconnected beams.

Along the game, you will go through each of fifty puzzles that will need spatial thinking and mental rotation to exercise your brain a workout.

You will not get any timers or scoring limitation to guide the red cube into the red hole as the main objective of this game

This game is all about the intersections where the two beams cross, it will nook your cube in the point where they meet so that you will see where you can go next.

From that corner, you will be able to change directions and cross over to planes
Later on, you will merely move the red cube around in each direction possible

As your navigation, you will be equipped with the compass that will help you determine which direction the cube can go
Anyway, moving the cube and testing out directions will help your brain process the puzzle as three-dimensional which imposes limits on accessibility.

Staring at the puzzle hard enough can trick yourself into seeing the planes as flattened out.
Every time, you see the planes to come up flat, the edges will stop being barriers then the planes will be accessible pathways.

In line with this, you can find the drop box and trace the path backwards as far as you can.
You may try tracing the path with your finger.

Again, intersection is all about to change the directions and crossing those impossible planes
Here, you will get a better perspective on which direction you have to take at an intersection

At this point, you may be able to work your way all the way back to the starting block to make a point to your next move.
Since the puzzle plays visual tricks for anyone playing it, you can keep moving in the right direction by holding your position with your finger

Sometimes, some puzzles will get you frustrated because you will likely move the red cube around and around on paths while trying to find where the red hole is
If this happens, you may be better to leave the game and get back after few minutes form your rest

Be sure to close the game from within a level to save your progress in automatic
It is caused by if you go to the level menu or quit the game entirely, your progress within that level will not be saved and you will have to start the level from the beginning again.


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