Clues to Solve Puzzles for The Exit in Mekorama iOS

Recently, Mekorama developed by Martin Magni becomes a popular puzzler game that you can play on the go As you may have known that, this game features a robot shuffling adorably through mechanical 3D dioramas.

mekorama puzzle solver ios

Similar to puzzle game, it features 50 native levels that will be needed be solved to unlock the next new levels

These are a little bit of hints that you can follow to solve each riddle for the exit of each level
Early on the game, always free your camera by turning on free camera on the fifth screen of the menu

If you are going to small cubes with gaps around them, you can aim carefully so that you can easily overshoot and fall off of your diorama with no way to get back on.
Doing so will allow you to restart the level.

When seeing a component in the scene to rotate, try to balance on it at different angles
Do it carefully while it spins as long as you move slowly
Again, doing so will make your robot fall off, whereby you must use it wisely to turn a corner
You can use it to get a stable platform.

You don’t have to see the whole path in front of you to move forward. As long as there is no obstruction within the section you can’t see
To get a wide vision on the path, tap an accessible block anywhere along the path so that you can go to your destination block.

On the other side, tap around the blocks to see what is open which is indicated by a little splash circle
You can also see what is off limits which is indicated by a red x
By tapping around the blocks, you will guide the robot to whatever is open so that it will reveal how you should go next

Before starting to go through the complicated maze-like levels, you can simply reverse engineer the maze by tracing your path backwards from the goal as far as you can
If you can do this well, you can create a conceptual goal closing to your starting point
Note that always save your progress once finding the exit in each level

In the way of solving every puzzle in this game, the hint is sometimes about the level name itself
One thing to note is that red bots will always turn 90 degrees right.
Just stay one square away from zappers to get to safe position.

Meanwhile, you may also be able to create your own level with an idea for a mechanic
For initial step, you can reproduce early native level to see how it is built
After having the components, you can swap out parts so that you can make unique ones.

You can also build a platform of stable elements with your starting point
And, remove pieces and replace them with obstacles or moving parts.

Consider to make accessible areas so that it will easily to tap
Try making levels with a central pillar work to walk around
Do not make levels an area surrounded by walls to walk in.
If you want to see the exit, the button will trigger for any object, not for just the robot
Thus, just follow the above steps to solve each level successfully


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