Clues to Solve Puzzle and Get Stars in Divide By Sheep iPhone

Divide By Sheep from tinyBuild can be said as a sliding block puzzle or a math puzzler telling about the Grim Reaper’s devious plan who will find and make some sheepy friends.

divide by sheep walkthrough ios android

Here, Grim is about to unleash a great flood and drag the sheep to it.
At this moment, the sheep are stranded on small islands and sinking fast, so you must help them reach safety spot.

To do so, you will rescue the little animals by solving clever math puzzles.
In other words, this puzzle is about to add and subtract by any means possible
Early on, the puzzles will start off fairly easy and playful, then they will quickly go in both difficulty and dark humor.

When performing your action, just combine groups of sheep together before taking them to the transport
Alternatively, you can try to top up the ship as you go along.

In this game, the stars are your achievement to make a progress
And, you will not need to get all three stars in a level to progress.
To solve mission, just concentrate on getting one or two sets of creatures to safety that will allow you to go the next stage and get stars.

You must also consider to focus on the stages whereby certain stages will need a lot of backtracking to get to the right number of sheep.

Later on, you will get to go through net barriers as the first real challenge.
It is caused by the barriers will restrict where you can go so you will take a longer route to get to the next place.

Sometimes, those barriers will push you towards platforms with limited space, in which it will make you lose some sheep along the way.

Besides, you must also watch on wolves that will eat sheep
But, those wolves will be tired after eating one sheep each, in that they will sit there taking up a space on a platform and waiting sheep to come by again

For such reasons, you must try to keep wolves and sheep separate as they do not mix at all.
On the other side, lasers are the start of Divide by Sheep turning very dark indeed.
Those lasers will chop your sheep in half but you can still patch them back together again when they go on the boat.

In the mean time, you will still have to plan for this as halved sheep will take up twice as much room on platforms.

Using trampoline will make the sheep fling around, dividing them up so that half of a group will go one way, while the other half will go the other side.

At this point, making an experimentation will be key here
In addition, you will come across the Dark World, which will make the sheep kill to keep the Grim Reaper happy.


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