Clues to Score up Points and Evolve in Tank io iPhone from Peter Nguyen can be said as a strategy game which brings a tank battle arena served for the ios and android users.

tank io walkthrough ios android

As a strategy game, this game is pretty simple to play online as you will guide your tank and shoot the other tanks as much as you can to earn experience and to score up points into the highest one

Later on, you will need to upgrade your tank and unlock the new ones which are all about 10 different kinds of tanks coming along with powerful forms

When playing this game online, some strong players try lurking around your world.
To start this game safely, make sure to stay away from the hot zones.
Wen seeing bullets flying around, move in the opposite direction.

In the mean time, you can try to destroy the little shapes floating around in which it will power up your tank

Every time, you play in each level, always consider to improve your level by gaining a stat point
Note that the purple heart is your health which can increase your maximum health.
And, the red fist can be said as your power that can increase how much damage your bullets deal with the other tank.

Meanwhile, the green arrows indicates your fire rate which you must upgrade so that you can shoot more bullets fast
Next, the blue shoe refers to your movement speed that can make your tank move around in fast

As said earlier, every time, you beat the other tank, you will get points that you can use to upgrade other things.

At this point, you can rely on upgrading power that you can take out the experience shapes at the start which will guide you to gain a lot of experience fast.

For further, you will have to evolve your tank once it has reached level 10 through some levels
When evolving your tank, you can get The Improved Cannon coming along with a cone shaped cannon in which it will speed up your bullets and fire rate making them a bit stronger

Evolving your tank into The Double Cannon will put two cannons on the front of your tank.
Here, bullet speed and power will be the same, but you can shoot two shots at a time

If you evolve your tank into The Back Cannon, your tank will have a second cannon on your back which is like the double cannon, so that you can shoot back at people on your tail.

In related to these upgrade options, you will be allowed to pick one.
At this point, you can stick to upgrade the improved cannon, then go further to specialize your evolution once reaching level 25 in the game.

During in your action on the board, you must always stay alert of the bots or computer-controlled players.
It is caused by if you are near one of them, they will lock onto you and try to chase your back
If some high level bots see your tank, just run as fast as you can and stay away from them
However, if your tank has been upgraded well, you can try to beat them, as they will give a lot of experience.

Always move around to make your tank hard to catch
Never strafe in one direction or your rival will catch and shoot
For such reasons, you can start switching directions every and mix it up to throw off the big tank on the board

Sometimes, you may take too much damage, which will force you to pull away from the battle as fast as you can.
Doing so will make your tank regenerate lost health slowly in which you will need to keep your tank staying away for a couple of seconds and hide for a while until you have enough health to move on


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